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Welcome to CaerusBio.


   Molecular Microbiology Tools for Detection of Bacteria


CaerusBio is the distributor of the Molzym products in the United States and Canada.  The Molzym products include an array of reagents for highly sensitive and specific detection of low levels of bacteria in a wide range of biologic specimens.


Now Also For Fungal DNA

Ultra-Deep Microbiome
Sample Prep




NA Sample preparation for detection of low levels of bacteria.  Formats for NGS and up to 10ml of blood.   
Universal Microbe Detection (UMD)
A complete system for detection of low level bacteria and fungi from a wide range sample types. 
Mastermix 16S  
DNA free PCR reagents for 16S and 18S testing.  

Customized Services
Sample testing or assay development.          

CaerusBio is the distributor of the Molzym  products
for the United States and Canada.